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Prostate Cancer Foundation is a specialized chapter of   Bengal Urology Trust. The Foundation was established under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Amit Ghose, the veteran urologist and mentor of Bengal Urology Trust. The foundation aims at reaching common people through different awareness programs with all details of Prostate Cancer …more
Due to increasing life expectancy and the introduction of Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) screening, a rising number of elderly men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Besides,  PSA serum levels and Gleason score,  age is considered to be a key prognostic factor in terms of treatment decisions. In men older than 70 years, treatment without curative intent may deprive…more
Prostate Cancer usually does not cause symptoms in early stages. When there are symptoms, they may include not being able to urinate at all, having a hard time starting or stopping the flow of urine, having to urinate often, especially at night, having pain or burning during urination, Difficulty having an erection, Blood in your urine or semen ……more
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