Prostate Cancer Foundation



  • To work for the benefit of the people of India irrespective caste, creed and religion
  • To bring awareness on the Prostate in general and Prostate Cancer in particular
  • To bring awareness to the people about the Prostate Cancer, its probable causes, prevention and remedies
  • To highlight the probability of Prostate cancer amongst the senior citizens
  • To elucidate the need of periodical relevant tests including PSA test of blood to know the health of the prostate
  • To conduct awareness programs and carry on e-propagation on Prostate Cancers
  • To console and render mental strength to the patients suffering from acute Prostate Cancer
  • To educate para medical personnel for caring the patients with advance stage of the disease
  • To share knowledge among the specialist medical practitioners on Prostate Cancer typical cases
  • To develop a forum for hospice care of the Prostate Cancer patients